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What is West Texas? You hear about it, you might even have a few friends from West Texas, but for whatever reason you haven’t been able to find it on the map. Some people try to pin it just north of Waco on Interstate 35. Not quite!

This is one of the most confusing aspects about this region, because there is an actual city named West, Texas. Let’s make sure we are not confusing the two.

We want to introduce you to the region of Texas, called West Texas. There are no official borders for this region, but most Texas natives understand when they are in West Texas. Generally speaking, West Texas encompasses the arid and semi-arid lands west of a line drawn between the cities of Wichita Falls, Abilene, and Del Rio, and is often looked at as one of the most complex regions in all of Texas. 

West Texas has been known for major industries such as livestock, petroleum and natural gas production, textiles such as cotton, grain, and because of very large military installations such as Fort Bliss, the defense industry. West Texas has become notable for its numerous wind turbines producing clean and alternative electricity. Ranching of course has stayed the primary industry in the region. 

West Texas is also home to the highest elevations in the State. Elevations range from 2,500 feet to more than 8,749 feet at Guadalupe Peak. This is a region of varied habitats and flora, varying from the desert valleys and plateaus to wooded mountain slopes. Even the mountain ranges vary tremendously in the environments they offer for plant and animal life. These mountain ranges are characterized by volcanic rocks, others by limestone. Over most of the area average annual rainfall is less than the rest of the state but ultimately varies greatly from year to year and from lower to higher elevations.

Lastly, West Texas is known for some of the best Big Game Hunting experiences in the United States, and certainly one of the top among the State of Texas. Some folks choose to take on the mountains and canyons of West Texas to get a shot at a mule deer or a variety of Whitetail. However, there is also the possibility of a trophy in the Brush country which feature some of the best whitetail racks of all time! Either way, being the ranching, the hunting, and the other major industries that West Texas has to offer, it is an excellent location for your ranch and land investment needs!

Although this region of Texas may seem to be slightly hard to understand or easy to overlook, there is nothing but incredible opportunity and rich culture located in West Texas.

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